To contribute to industrial revolution through advanced laser technology.


To be your partner with the world’s most trusted laser technology.


We act based on our values and strive to increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Focus on Customer Value
  2. We act to maximize customer value from the standpoint of the customer.

  3. Innovation-Oriented
  4. Through innovation, we provide new value to the market and constantly reassess our way of working.

  5. Leadership
  6. We speak and act autonomously with a sense of mission to achieve our vision both for the company and the individual

  7. Growth-Oriented
  8. With an entrepreneurial spirit that creates change, we strive daily for the growth and success of the company and the individual.

  9. Logical Thinking
  10. We identify the crux of an issue, find its solution through logical thinking, then create systems to solve the issue as an organization.

  11. Taking on Challenges
  12. We courageously take on challenging tasks without fear of failure through creative, ingenious judgment.

  13. Open-Minded
  14. We have constructive discussions in which we respect each other’s positions and views while openly expressing any different opinions.

  15. Teamwork
  16. We are committed to the decisions we make as an organization and proactively speak and cooperate with one another as we take action.

  17. Quick Action
  18. We first take quick action, then optimize through a high-speed PDCA cycle.

  19. Focus on Promised date and Results
  20. We deliver results on time through resourcefulness, flexibility, and ingenuity.