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Basic Personal Information Policy

Privacy Policy

Most of the Spectronix website (the "Site") may be used without disclosing any personal information on the part of the User. However, please be aware that some services may be unavailable if the User do not provide personal information.。

The collection, use, and management of personal information will be handled appropriately as described below in an effort to ensure the trustworthiness of the Site.

1.Personal Information
Personal information refers to information about an individual that can be used to identify or potentially identify a specific person (such as address, name, phone number, email address, etc.).
2.Collection of Personal Information
Information collected through the Site by Spectronix Co., Ltd. (“Spectronix") is collected primarily from the User.

Personal information is collected within the scope necessary to achieve the stated purposes.
3. Management and Protection of Personal Information
Personal information collected through the Site will be managed properly to prevent unauthorized access from external sources as well as loss or alteration. Personal information that is no longer necessary will be promptly discarded (deleted).
4. Use of Personal Information

The Site will lawfully and fairly use personal information obtained for the purposes below.

Spectronix will not, without the consent of the User, use personal information it has obtained beyond the scope necessary to achieve the following objectives:

  • (1) To provide services on the Site
  • (2) To maintain the Site
  • (3) To manage and operate the Site
  • (4) To investigate and collect information on the Site and our services
  • (5) To send information on our products and services
  • (6) For necessary communication between Spectronix and the User
5. Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

Spectronix may provide personal information to third parties within the scope of the law in the following cases only:

  • (1) When the User has provided consent
  • (2) When Spectronix receives a request for disclosure from a public agency or a person entrusted by a public agency
  • (3) When there is an urgent need to disclose personal information to protect life or property and obtaining the consent of the User is difficult
  • (4) When outsourcing some or all of the business necessary for the operation of the Site or transferring the business to a third party.
6.Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
Spectronix will respond appropriately to requests by the User to disclose, correct, add, delete, or suspend the use of personal information.