We, together with the University of Tokyo, Ajinomoto Fine Techno Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, have now achieved sub-φ4µm processing in the ultra-fine laser drilling technology for package substrates, which is necessary for next-generation semiconductor manufacturing processes.

This time, we have updated our previous announcement on φ6µm hole drilling in 2022, and have achieved sub-φ4µm ultrafine Via drilling on 5µm thick ABF, demonstrating that we can realize high-quality, high-productivity drilling that will contribute to next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

We will continue to aim for further miniaturization and higher quality of semiconductor package substrates and contribute to strengthening Japan’s competitiveness in the next-generation semiconductor industry.

The University of Tokyo presented an oral session of this technology at IMPACT2023, an international conference on semiconductor packaging technology held in Taiwan from October 25 to 27, 2023.